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  • Yoga for Upper Back Pain

    Yoga for Upper Back Pain

    For those who suffer from upper back pain, yoga can be the most effective, safe, and easily accessible solution. Yoga is a mind-body therapy that can go a long way in relieving not only the physical pain you may be experiencing but the stress that comes with the condition as well. Taking the time each […] More

  • Yoga For Shoulder Pain

    Yoga For Shoulder Pain

    The shoulders are one of the body regions notorious for holding tension and causing discomfort and pain. The reasons for shoulder pain are not hard to pinpoint. These include poor posture, sedentary lifestyles, and limited exercise regimes. The way we live our lives today encourages the tightness in our shoulders and chest regions that translates […] More

  • Yoga for Neck Pain

    Yoga for Neck Pain

    Whoever you are and whatever you do, it’s likely that you spend a substantial part of your day looking down at some sort of device. From working on your laptop, checking your social media notifications, to catching up on your favourite Netflix series, we all invite neck pain due to how much time we spend […] More

  • Yoga for Middle Back Pain

    Yoga for Middle Back Pain

    Whenever we hear about back pain, our first thoughts go to the lower back, and that makes sense because that has been the most prevalent form of back pain for sufferers everywhere. In today’s world, however, where so many of us spend hours each day hunched over our phones or computers, middle back pain is […] More

  • Yoga for Lower Back Pain

    Yoga for Lower Back Pain

    Yoga is continuing to gain popularity as a solution to all manner of health troubles, with lower back pain being among them. Yoga represents a non-intrusive, inexpensive, and easily accessible method of dealing with some of the various aches and pains (mental and physical) that are part and parcel of living in today’s world. Yoga, […] More

  • Yoga Diet for Weight Loss

    Yoga Diet for Weight Loss

    Extra body fat is a problem for every second person these days. The major reason is the diet everyone is following. The majority of people eat junk food often and organic products are vanishing slowly. Luckily, people are becoming health conscious and improving their eating habits. As people are researching more about diets and the […] More

  • What to Wear With Yoga Pants

    What to Wear With Yoga Pants?

    Yoga pants have become the latest trend. Google trends confirm the increase of interest in these versatile form of pants. This thin stretchy garment is taking the world by storm. From pants, we used to only see in the confines of a fitness gym, to every day and everywhere “to go” pants. From that woman […] More

  • What to Wear Under Yoga Pants

    What to Wear Under Yoga Pants?

    Yoga pants are trending! Women are not just wearing it to perform the yoga postures, but also to look chic at the gym. Whether that is to burn some calories or to reach nirvana, this stretchy little garment plays a major role in comfort wear, on and off the yoga mat. The lightweight and soft […] More

  • Power Yoga for Weight Loss

    Power Yoga for Weight Loss

    Excess body fat, obesity, and losing extra body fat have been a problem for people especially women for a long time. The internet is full of diet plans and exercise tutorials, and people are trying their level best to follow them for weight loss. Recent surveys have shown that people are switching towards yoga for […] More

  • Keep Leggings from Rolling Down

    How to Keep Leggings from Rolling Down?

    Leggings are made for all, and they go with almost any blouse or dress. Famous for the elasticity that makes it universally accommodating to every body type, this garment is embraced by women across the globe. Its ability to be stretched and the versatility makes leggings a popular choice. Speaking of versatility, it can be […] More

  • How to Hem Yoga Pants

    How to Hem Yoga Pants

    If you are one of those persons who love to remain young and healthy, yoga is the right choice for you. Yoga is a great exercise that not only gives you physical benefits, but it also provides mental benefits. The core aim of yoga is to build strength, endurance, and balance in you. There are […] More

  • Difference between Yoga and Pilates

    Difference between Yoga and Pilates

    People in the past decades were not much concerned about a healthy diet or a healthy lifestyle. As the world developed and technological advancements like the internet and smartphones came into being, people have started learning more about health. The internet is full of relevant content and the number of gyms is also increasing. This […] More

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