How to Hem Yoga Pants

How to Hem Yoga Pants

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If you are one of those persons who love to remain young and healthy, yoga is the right choice for you. Yoga is a great exercise that not only gives you physical benefits, but it also provides mental benefits. The core aim of yoga is to build strength, endurance, and balance in you.

There are many things that you need to consider before performing yoga. Firstly, you need to wake up early in the morning so that your mind remains fresh. Secondly, you must have suitable attire which includes yoga pants, shirts, and mats. The right attire is the most important part of performing yoga.

Yoga pants are made up of synthetic materialthat is stretchable and comfortable in nature. Yoga pants make it easier to exercise, helps to stretch easily, and most importantly they help to reduce stress levels in your body. Yoga pants now days are not only used in yoga only, but they are also used in gyms and for casual purposes.

Many people often complain about yoga pants that they do not fit well. Either they are too long or too short. The only way this problem can be solved is by hemming yoga pants. The hem is usually related to garments and clothing where the end of the fabric is folded down to prevent your fabric from any damage.

Why Do You Need to Hem Yoga Pants?

You would usually see hems on the edges of your shirts and pants. Hems are usually tailor-manufactured but what if your pant is long and you want to make it short. The only you can do is by shortening your yoga pants and hem it at the end.

Yoga pants are made up of sensitive and stretchable material. This is why it is very important to hem such pants under a stretch machine stitch. This will prevent the yoga pants from shredding and tearing off. On the other hand, if you hem it under a straight or hand-sewn stitch the fabric may get torn off easily and you may no longer be able to use it.

How to Hem My Yoga Pants?

Hemming yoga pants is not tricky if you know the right process. Here is what you must do to hem yoga pants proficiently.

Gather all Equipment

Before you go ahead and hem your yoga pants, you should make sure that the availability of these requirements. Things you will need to hem your yoga pants include seam ripper, ruler or any measurement tape, straight pins, scissors, a sewing machine with a needle, sewing thread, and last but not the least yoga pants.

Remove Extra Hems

Before you start hemming your yoga pants, make sure that you have removed extra hems from it. This can be easily done by a seam ripper or even through a scissor.

Mark the Hemming Areas

Moving ahead, measure the new hem from the floor, and mark it through pins. This will help you to easily locate the hems when you are stitching it. It is highly recommended that the hem fold should be 0.25 to 0.5 inches from the floor depending on how you wear it.

Carefully Cut the Fabric and Stitch

Moving further, you are then required to cut the fabric carefully below the new hem. The measurement of cutting should be three to four inches. Now comes the important step of stitching. This should be done carefully or under the supervision of a professional to prevent the shredding of yoga pants.

You should either use a machine stretch or zig-zag sewing to perfectly hem the yoga pants. Start stitching along the edges of yoga pants using a zig-zag stitch to make sure that the material stays in good shape.

Now, when you have completedthe stitching process, turn the yoga pants upside down, and fold the edges of pants up to the marks you have placed before. You can use straight pins to fold the hems up to the marker. The marker will make sure that the hems are perfectly placed and stitched up to the mark.

The Last Step; Stretch Stitch

The last step includes the stitching of hem by using a stretch stitch. The hem should be stitched below the finished edge which should be approximately one-fourth inch. As you stitch the hem, remove the pins you placed previously to hold up the folds.

Assistance Would Be Better

During the whole process, make sure that you have someone around you, either a friend or sibling to help you with the measurements and sewing. To acquire the desired length and result, it is very necessary to read all the steps carefully before you start. Some of you may also notice an uneven or wavy stitch after you are done with sewing. Don’t be too concerned about it as it can be easily solved through a steamy iron press, and you would find your yoga pants tailor-manufactured and factory flat. As long as the stitching is neat and clean, no one could ever suspect that you have done it yourself.

The drawback of Hand Stitching

Many of the people prefer to hem their yoga pants through hand stitching. The only drawback hand stitching has it will not come as per your expectations and you would regret afterward. This is why it is usually preferred to go for machine stitching because it provides you the perfect result as per your expectations.

The Takeaway

A perfectly hemmed yoga pants will make you feel comfortable while you exercise. Whether you are at the gym or at home, yoga pants are a good choice. There are many things that you need to be cautious about while you hem your yoga pants. Firstly, make sure that you have all the material available to perform stitching. Secondly, be careful about the measurements you take while sewing your pants. While you stitch, be careful not to place your hands near the needle of the sewing machine. You would not find any difficulty while you hem your yoga pants if you have read and followed each step carefully. Happy Hemming!

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