How to Keep Leggings from Rolling Down?

Keep Leggings from Rolling Down

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Leggings are made for all, and they go with almost any blouse or dress. Famous for the elasticity that makes it universally accommodating to every body type, this garment is embraced by women across the globe. Its ability to be stretched and the versatility makes leggings a popular choice. Speaking of versatility, it can be worn on various occasions like hitting the gym, friendly dates and even on the catwalk ramp. That goes a long way off from where it all started. It may just be the perfect pants for you with just a very slight snag. How do you keep it from rolling down?

For regular wearers, this specific predicament may have risen for several times already, and wondered what is causing this entire ruckus. Or just why your old-time favourite leggings suddenly because so uncooperative? Let us dive into the possible causes and tips to keeping those leggings in place. Read on!

Causes of leggings rolling down

Yes, it’s a hassle, but before we dig into finding solution, perhaps we should first try to find what causes your leggings from rolling down and try to prevent the problem altogether. We put together a checklist for you to look into, which will help with this predicament.

Is it the right size?

It’s not uncommon to see a legging on sale that advertises the said: “one size fits all”. But if you are to prevent the said problem, looking into leggings that offer sizes will be definitely worth it. You may have simply chosen a size too big for you, and so it will always tend to fall off. And pulling it back up repeatedly is just not the best poise you got in mind. Every woman has varying body types. Some always fit by just looking into waistband size, and some others are more concerned with thigh fit and length. These are considerations that you can explore by checking out the selection of brands as well as, considering alteration stores.

How long have you been using it?

Most leggings are usually made of a blend of elastic materials like spandex. In time and with continual use, these tend to loosen up, making the rolling down more frequent. And when it is completely stretched out, making the right fit will be a lot more difficult. Another point is the human body tends to shrink and expand all the time, especially when working out. This may only mean that what used to fit you, will no longer work anymore. Then buying a new pair will just be the easy fix!

Are you washing it right?

Leggings’ body fit is mostly owed to its elasticity. Having the garment washed in the wrong way can easily cause you its effectiveness. Hot water can cause the fabric to shrink. And letting it hang dry can stretch it way too much due to water weight. Always keep in mind to follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions, and save yourself from a lot of trouble.

These are just a few causes why your leggings are rolling down. Remember that these can all be easily prevented with you answering those questions. Below are some tips on how to keep it in place.

Useful tips to keeping your leggings from rolling down

Opt for high waist leggings

Keeping your leggings from rolling down is all about waist support. Opting for a pair of high waist leggings gives larger support which enables it to stay in place longer. Add to that is that it can also make you look slimmer and sexier. In cases that it still rolls off, consider buying a smaller pair.

Know your fabrics

Not all leggings are created equal. On selecting the right fabric, always consider where you are planning to use it. For activities containing a lot of movements and stretching, such as working out, going on a jog, dance rehearsal, and other similar tasks, always go for a pair offering compression fabrics. This provides great durability and hugs tightly around your waist, buttocks and legs. It will stay in place no matter the intensity of the movement. These are usually found in sports stores.
Another scenario is the case for less intense activities like walking, lounging and doing house chores, these require for more comfort and less muscle support. Brushed fabric that usually has a cotton blend of material, creates better friction therefore, it reduces the chances of slipping down your skin as opposed to smooth counterparts. These are also widely available in various clothing stores.

Find the right fit

Finding the right size ultimately helps the leggings from rolling down. If it doesn’t stay in place, the reason could probably be because it’s a little big for you. Going one size down and experimenting will help pin down the right fit for your body type. Remember that the garment should be hugging your body, which includes your waist, buttocks, legs, and crotch. Beware of any loose-fitting fabric that seems to appear as this is a sign that you need to get a smaller size.

Add support with drawstring or belt

Many of the leggings available in the market come with a drawstring or with belt loops. This is especially useful in making sure that it doesn’t move out-of-place. Keep in mind to keep the knots securely and check for a good comfort level that suits you. A simple craft of making a hole in the waistband for the string to go around is a quick easy fix to adding this extra feature.

Partner it with shorts or a skirt

This is where function and style meet. Consider putting on shorts or skirt over your leggings, this will definitely keep your leggings from rolling down. Play a little with your typical leggings to try a bit of mix and match to your next outfit.


There are a lot of effective and creative ways of keeping your leggings from rolling down. Try a bit of experimenting and you will surely find the right one.

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