Power Yoga for Weight Loss

Power Yoga for Weight Loss

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Excess body fat, obesity, and losing extra body fat have been a problem for people especially women for a long time. The internet is full of diet plans and exercise tutorials, and people are trying their level best to follow them for weight loss.

Recent surveys have shown that people are switching towards yoga for the same purpose. Yoga is an extremely good practice because, it not only helps you in making the body flexible and strong, but it also helps in significant weight loss. The only requirement for any exercise or yoga to be effective is a healthy diet.

Now that yoga has been trending for a long time now, fitness enthusiasts are finding quicker ways of losing weight. With the desperation of speeding up the process of weight loss, power yoga was introduced.

You must be wondering what power yoga is and how can it speed up the weight loss process. Do not worry because this writing has covered the basics of power yoga for weight loss. Scroll down to find out everything you need to start from.

What Is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is an advanced form of yoga that has modified the traditional yoga postures. The modification revolves around cardio workouts. In easier words, the traditional or normal yoga postures have been spiced up with cardio exercise tricks. Hence, power yoga is a more effective way of losing weight.

Power yoga is not very common in gyms but every gym that has a power yoga class, the session is different.

How Does Power Yoga Help in Weight Loss?

Power yoga has a faster pace for all postures and quicker repetitions. The combination of yoga poses may vary from trainer to trainer but every pose has to be speedily performed with one after the other. Power yoga is a fast-paced technique that promotes sweating. It is a good sign because sweating helps in excreting toxins. The rapid movement of your body also results in heavy breathing which means you are in the state of losing weight now.

Power yoga has several health benefits as well. It purifies the skin, improves cardiovascular health, and most importantly, it helps in weight loss. Other than these benefits, it is also helpful in improving the breathing rate and respiration.

Power Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Power yoga has many different poses and the most important ones have been discussed below.

Knee to Chest Stretching

This is a traditional pose and most of you might be aware of it. You lie down on a smooth surface in a resting position. Now you bend one of your legs from the knees and bring it closer to the chest. Hold the folded leg and bring your chin closer to the knee. Now repeat the same technique with the other leg as well. The repetitions must start from a lower count and increase it gradually. Do not overwhelm your body with rigorous exercise.

It is not necessary that your chin touches the knee, but once you are regular and your body is in action, your chin will touch the knee.

Side Stretches

This pose is very effective for burning calories, improving heart rate, and cutting side fat. For this pose, stand straight and raise your hands straight in the air. Now bring your right leg forward and stretch it as much as you easily tolerate. Bow down and place both palms on the ground. Place only your chin on the extended leg. Repeat this with the other leg. Feel the stretch for a few seconds and switch legs.

The Bow Pose

Bow pose is good for cutting fat from arms and legs. Lie upside down on a smooth surface. Twist your legs and raise them from behind. Hold your feet with stretched arms. Your body must be in an arch shape and must be stretched as well. Feel the stretch for 10 to 20 seconds, then release your legs slowly. Repeat this a couple of times. Lay down for a second or two before getting up.

This is the most powerful posture for faster weight loss.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

As the name suggests, you have to get on all four limbs to start. Now, breathe and press the hips up and back. After this, involve your core muscles and straighten your face in the direction of your neck. Raise one of your legs straight in the air and place your palms firmly on the ground. Switch sides after five to seven deep breaths.

The Famous Cobra Pose

For toning the abs and buttocks, cobra pose is the best. Lay upside down on a smooth surface and relax your mind. Slowly lift your head up until the chest cavity is raised too. Keep your hands straight at the back and lifted in the air. Hold the hands at the back and feel the stretch for a few seconds.

Corpse and Boat Pose

Lie down on your back straight and in a resting position. Lift your legs in the air until you feel a little tightness in the abdominal region. Bring your arms straight and touch your knees from the sides. You would feel your body making a V-shape. This is the corpse and boat pose that includes core, back, and legs for stretching.

Summing It Up

Yoga has gained popularity across the globe in the past few decades. People are always in a rush and waiting for the perfect tones body and weight loss is exhausting. During the 1990s, the concept of power yoga emerged and now it is spreading like fire. Power yoga is a combination of fast-paced cardio exercises and traditional yoga poses. This encourages heavy breathing and sweating, and weight loss is rapid. Other than weight loss, power yoga has many health benefits like improved respiratory system, cardiovascular health, and healthier skin.

No matter what poses you decide to follow, make sure you have collected the necessary information about them first. Also, keep in mind that weight loss is faster but it is not a one-day activity. Everything takes some time to show results and so does power yoga. Have patience and do not lose hope.

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