What to Wear Under Yoga Pants?

What to Wear Under Yoga Pants

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Yoga pants are trending! Women are not just wearing it to perform the yoga postures, but also to look chic at the gym.

Whether that is to burn some calories or to reach nirvana, this stretchy little garment plays a major role in comfort wear, on and off the yoga mat. The lightweight and soft material have been almost synonymous with the freedom of movement and maximum comfort. But for the newly initiated user, a question may arise as to what to wear underneath? Yes, that VPL (meaning “Visible Panty Line”) issue has been raised more times than anyone can count. Other concerns include camel toe, moisture mismanagement, freedom, and health. The answer to this question is ultimately up to whichever is most comfortable to you physically and mentally. Here are five of the most popular options you can choose from in the quest to find the best panties to wear under yoga pants.

So, What to Wear Under Yoga Pants?

Classic Bikini Cut Panty

A survey has been recently made by Grouponas to what is the most widely used underwear while using yoga pants, and classic bikini cut panty ranked number one. Contrary to common beliefs, not everyone is concern about VPL. One of the participating yogis expressed her lack of concern with other people seeing her underwear and the fact that it doesn’t affect her yoga routine. It’s also important to note that this type is essentially part of every wardrobe, due to its universally flattering shape with its hip-level the waistband and narrow sides. Meaning, almost every woman already owns it and is already part of “everyday style” owing to its ability to work in just about any occasion, including a day hitting the gym.

It is also less likely to cause chafing and other forms of discomfort due to continuous movements and exercise. Moisture management is also considered good, owing to the absorbency of the material which is usually used in the crafting of the garment. The underwear’s border or hems are most likely to be visible above the yoga pants, and if that doesn’t bother you, this is a good option to go.

Hipster Cut Panty

Offering low cut leg and a waistband that goes around the waist, hipster panty is one of the best styles to wear under yoga pants, due to mid coverage and maximum flexibility. Featuring a low cut (having the borderline of the underwear allot lower than the traditional ones) also means that VPL is seen less. This provides much comfort to the more conservative users. This is also perfect for those looking for a bit more coverage than what is offered by the bikini cut panty. Under yoga pants, it gives good protection and enables movement flow with fewer worries.

Boyshorts Cut Panty

Resembling a short with lower cut leg and having much more coverage than the first two, the boyshorts party ranks well in terms of comfort. Aesthetically, it may look a bit sporty or athletic, which depending on the preference of the wearer can mean a good or bad thing. Having wider side hip coverage gives added comfort and modesty. The wide side also lessens the possibility of it rolling or digging as with the case with the thinner cuts. Giving more coverage on the backside and thighs are the perks of using this style. While wearing yoga pants, is a good choice for avoiding visible wedged panty line.

Seamless Panty

Seamless panty refers to the crafting of underwear without visible seams or borders making it highly discreet. These are mostly made from soft and stretchy materials such as spandex, jersey, modal and the likes. These fabrics also facilitate activities that require continuous movements like exercising, jogging, yoga poses and anything in between. It is also available to most types of panty cuts. It can be made bikini, hipster or boyshort cut, and it is widely available in the market.

The lack of panty lines is highly favored for most women, making the wearer very satisfied with the amount of modesty that seamless underwear offers. While using it underneath yoga pants, it will surely provide a flattering appearance with less concern on VPL.


Thongs are the type of underwear that resembles a bikini with close to no buttocks coverage. The back consists of a thin strip of material and a thin waistband that is designed to be worn between the buttocks, connecting to the front of the garment. The reason why it’s one of the most common uses of underwear while using yoga pants is because it eliminates the panty line altogether. No matter how tight is your yoga pants, there will be no concern for seeing the outline of the garment’s hem. It is very flattering to the figure of the user and most will agree to the sexy vibes it gives off.

As per the same survey mentions earlier, most people that chose to wear a thong under their yoga pants are young women aging 18 and below and those yoga newbies. This can mean the high acceptance for modern society to these a bit different form of underwear. Should you decide to try thongs on your next yoga session, there is a lot of available variation that varies on coverage such as, g-sting, t-back, cheeky and the likes.


Yoga pants as said earlier are used ultimately for the freedom of movement and comfort of the users. It is widely used to facilitate and enable the wearer’s lower body to stretch and do active movements that will otherwise, be restricted on any other forms of pants. The question that continues to be raised among the users is what to wear underneath, and can the same level of comfort be maintained? Asking yourself which you value most is important.

Does VPL bother you? Do you feel like boyshorts fit your profile? The answer to this is all up to you. As the options were discussed above, we hope that you’ll be able to find one that best suit your needs. Try whichever sounds right to you, and if it doesn’t work, then try on the next one until you find the best fit.

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