What to Wear With Yoga Pants?

What to Wear With Yoga Pants

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Yoga pants have become the latest trend. Google trends confirm the increase of interest in these versatile form of pants. This thin stretchy garment is taking the world by storm. From pants, we used to only see in the confines of a fitness gym, to every day and everywhere “to go” pants. From that woman at the grocery store to that casual office Friday attire, it’s just everywhere.
But how can yoga pants, be appropriate everywhere? There has to be a limit right? The good news is when it comes to yoga pants, the sky is the limit as you can pair it with anything you fancy! With the right combination and styling, we know that it can be just the right outfit for you. We listed some ideas on how you can pull off that next day and night out in your super comfy pants, whether you are hitting the gym, travelling, or fine dining.

So, What to Wear With Yoga Pants?

The Fitness Gym

Where else can we begin but to where this all started – in that yoga studio. Yoga pants have always been a popular choice for women when working out. A pair of pants is one thing, but what do you wear to complete the look. The key here is to find which will enable you to carry out your tasks, which is to be able to move comfortably and flexibly, whether growing some muscles or exploring meditation.

We are recommending wearing a workout tee or the sleeveless version and a very comfortable sports bra that provides enough support. Keep body temperature level by avoiding fabrics that don’t give way to breathing, these are plastic or rubber based material that doesn’t allow moisture to evaporate. A certain absorbance level is to be observed when choosing the right one.

Complement your figure by choosing the right fit and color. Dark tones typically give off the illusion of being slimmer and sexier. Lighter tones are perfect for showing off one’s figure and getting attention. Complete the look by putting on some very reliable trainers or running shoes. And now you are ready to hit those mats.

Casual Day Outs

Having a shopping day, or a meeting for brunch with some of your old friends in a pair of yoga pants is a usual way to go. But how you upgrade the typical t-shirt and pants to a more stylish look? A simple upgrade from a plain t-shirt to crop tops makes a lot of difference. Show your character and personal taste by choosing from various patterns and textures for a top. A two or three coloured foliage patterned top paired with classic plain black yoga pants will take your casual friend dates to a more fabulous day. Put on some summer sandals or some chic booties, together with a blast of accessorizing, and viola! Now that’s how we do it.

Work at the Office

There has been a debate with the appropriateness of wearing a pair of yoga pants at the office. We say that this too is just a matter of proper styling. The first is to differentiate your workout pants to your work pants. Always change to a clean set when going from the gym to the office. This will help keep the garments and helps you stay fresh for a new set of activities. Sticking to the neutral and plain types of yoga pants will also help keep some form of formality as oppose to the patterned and brightly colored counterpart. As per the top, stick to blouses that go below your bottom, this will keep you looking professional as well as hide logos usually found in the waistband. Layer these with a cardigan or a blazer, and there goes your no longer so casual office attire. Don’t forget to put on some leather close shoes and accessories to complete the look.

While Travelling

This is one of the hidden gems of owning a lot of yoga pants. This is perfect to use while travelling due to its lightness, comfort, and flexibility. And to be honest, it won’t take much luggage space too. Its capacity to take on any look with the right styling is also one of its biggest perks. A simple loose-fitting blouse or off-shoulder blouse over classic plain yoga pants, paired with funky boots, give a vibe of cool rugged look which everyone loves. Patterned yoga pants with a sheer layered crop top paired with neutral ladies’ shoes make a great classy look. A typically fitted blouse topped with a denim jacket together with some cropped yoga pants is a sure awesome way of giving some chic vibe. These are just three ways, there’s a lot more pairing that you can experiment on depending on where you are travelling to. One thing is for sure though; nothing gets lighter and flexible than this.

At Home Chilling

Where else can we get double comfort than that of being at home and being in a pair of yoga pants! Enjoy the day of relaxing away from the stress of everyday adult life. Get comfortable whether alone or with special someone. The best way to do this is just being you. And we know that you love those pants, pair it with some of your favourite blouse of yours, whether that is some oversized t-shirts or some really old sweatshirt.


Yoga pants are everywhere and it’s still continuing to evolve to be part of modern living especially to women. No longer are we so constrained by formalities and social norms. Clothing for comfort more than form has been going on for consecutive years. And as we go deeper into this way of life, trends like yoga pants will continue to be accepted and integrated into society. An example of this is Gigi Hadid, an international model that gives inspiration to what can we wear with just simple yoga pants. More celebrities are also seen with some trending and sophisticated attire sporting yoga pants paired with other slick tops that go just perfectly. If they can, you surely can too.

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