Yoga Burn Review

‘Yoga happens beyond the mat.’
Everyone knows the benefits of performing yoga postures. It is different from the fast-paced workouts that make you sweat, huff and puff.
Why do people perform yoga? It is not just used for weight loss purpose, but also to get your posture right. Weight gain and obesity is quite common across the globe. While technology comes with endless benefits, but it has also made certain people lazy. In order to bid adieu to weight gain and the constant struggle of losing weight, yoga has been a popular pick.
Joining a yoga studio is not the only way to learn the art. You can also grab the Yoga Burn program to start shedding weight. The aim of the program is not just to burn the excess fat, but also to connect with your inner self. Before you purchase the product, it is wise to check a detailed review. Here we are with the most informative Yoga Burn review.
A Quick Sneak Peek Into THE Yoga Burn Program
The program has been created by Zoe-Bray Cotton. As per the current research, about 100,000 women have reaped benefits from this program. Well, you have to believe the women!
The Yoga Burn program lasts for 12 weeks, and the creator has claimed that one can shed all weight within the stipulated timeframe. When you try to lose weight, you are in a desperate position. You want to lose as much weight as possible and for that, you buy all the products in the market. Whether it is the slimming teas or the waist trainers.
The Yoga burn program is a little more realistic because your body is working out. There is no miracle here! It is a program that guides you and takes you through the correct weight loss path.
The program released in the year 2014 and ever since it has benefited thousands of women. There are three phases through which you are able to burn fat. Your body stops responding to a particular diet plan or workout after some time. This program has some variation that gives you better results!
Now let us look at the program in detail. This will help you to make a decision whether you should buy the product or not. We would recommend you to read the full review to know the pros and cons, method used in the program and more.
Understanding Dynamic Sequencing
What happens when your body gets used to a certain type of workout? You stop seeing results after a point of time. The best way to avoid this is to change the workout routine.
There are three phases in the Yoga Burn program and we have explained it below:
1. Foundational Flow: The foundational flow is the start of the program. It gives you an overview of what you will be doing for the next 12 weeks. There will be lighter versions of yoga poses. This is in order to prepare your body for the advanced workouts in the program. We start slow and finish strong!
2. Transitional Flow: Let’s move on to the intense yoga poses. You will start combining the already learned poses with new ones. The body will get accustomed to the more complex poses. Once you start doing this, you will see a change in your body.
3. Mastery Flow: After completing eight weeks, we move on to the Mastery Flow phase. Everything gets merged and intensity increases. This helps in increasing the metabolism and burning more fat.
You will also get some bonus audio clips with the program. Please note that the yoga program works well when you follow a proper diet. If you are performing the yoga poses and eating burgers and pizzas outside, you will not fetch the results.
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Yoga Burn Program
The Yoga burn program offers multiple benefits, but everything comes with certain cons as well. Let’s take a look at both!
The Advantages:
• This program is meant for everyone. Even if you are a beginner, the program will benefit you.
• Grab a yoga mat and get started! You do not need a lot of space for performing yoga.
• The program offer versatility and flexibility. If a certain pose is difficult to perform, there are modified versions as well. These are for people who have joint pain or any discomfort. It makes the pose a whole lot easier for you.
• There is a diet plan as well! So, you get the yoga poses for 12 weeks and also a diet plan that consists of all the low-fat foods. You do not have to consult with a dietician because the creator has added many low-fat food options in the plan.
• Perform the yoga poses in your home! Some people feel shy to join a yoga studio or go to a park. These self-esteem and low confidence issues are quite common! The program offers you a digital copy. You can perform it at your residence itself.
The Disadvantages:
• Some advanced level yoga practitioners may not find it helpful. For next level yoga, you can invest in something else. This is great for beginners or for people who are struggling with their weight loss journey.
• For some people, changing their diet to low-caloric foods is difficult. You need to have a wilful mind to go on a low calorie diet.
Quick Tips for Yoga Burn Buyers
You must practice the yoga postures in a hot room. Humidity is good for the body! The more you sweat, the more you burn. Also, it is best to perform yoga in the morning. Yoga puts your mind at ease! You feel at peace and your day starts on a good note.
The skin pores open up in a hotter room. You can even practice it in a steam and sauna room. The choice is yours!
In a nutshell, Yoga Burn program is effective but you must follow it like a dedicated student. You have been carrying around the extra weight for ages, now spend the next 2 weeks with full determination to lose all the fat in your body.