Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga For Weight Loss

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Yoga is a holistic exercise that deals with the physical, spiritual, and mental development of a person.And yoga for weight loss is also a popular technique to stay fit and healthy.If you noticed, many people engaging in yoga activities have slender bodies. Though you can still see heavier women in yoga sessions, they are only a few, and they are most likely new to the yoga world. In a few months’ time, you will surely see that those heavy-set females have achieved their beautiful curvaceous physique. And that is all thanks to yoga.

Mindfulness in yoga

Mindfulness is the main focus of yoga, and this aspect of the exercise efficiently improves and sharpens your awareness on many things. When you engage in mindfulness, you become too aware of what is happening in your life. You can see how each decision, each move, and each road contributes to what your life has become. Most importantly, mindfulness allows you to realize the impact of food in your body. You gain clear perspective on what types of food is bad for your health, and which ones are good for you. And so when you stop eating unhealthy foods and consume healthy ones, you start to lose weight.Also, with yoga in your life, you can easily detect that your stomach is already full, so you can stop eating easily. You have more control of your eating habits, and that leads to significant loss of weight in a healthy way.

Better sleep with yoga

Lack of sleep can actually contribute to weight gain, though it is true that many people who lack sleep look thin. But, their thinness is unhealthy, and they look sick with their puffy eyes and dark circles. But with yoga, your body is completely relaxed and so you can sleep for at least six to nine hours per night. And when you have a good night’s sleep, your metabolism works faster. You lose weight the right way, and at the same time you feel rejuvenated and energetic the following day. With loss of sleep, you feel and look cranky in the morning, which leads to too many cups of coffee and too much sugary foods. If you have tried not sleeping properly, you know that the craving for unhealthy foods the next day is strong. And that is not good for your health. So if you want to lose weight and stay healthy, engage in yoga sessions.

Calorie burning with yoga

The fact is, yoga is not considered a classic aerobic exercise, but there are certain yoga exercises that require more physical intensity than others. Power yoga, vinyasa, and ashtanga are typically the kinds of yoga that lets you burn many calories.You can find power yoga and vinyasa mostly in hot yoga workshops, which is great for burning calories more efficiently.
Also, restorative yoga aids in weight loss, and it is more ideal for women with larger physique. It is an efficient method to reduce abdominal fat, and lose weight in general.

Losing weight with yoga

In order to lose weight with yoga, you must engage in yoga exercises at least three times a week for an hour. When you indulge in intense yoga exercises, you need to balance your sessions by incorporating gentle and relaxing yoga poses like with restorative yoga, yin, and hatha.

If you are a newbie in the yoga world, you must gradually build up your flexibility, and not jump into the intense trainings immediately. By taking things slow, you can avoid any physical injury. Keep a tight schedule and stick to it. But if you happen to be very busy in some days, make sure that you practice yoga at home for at 30 minutes.

It is also ideal to associate your yoga exercises with other physical activities like cycling, walking, jogging, or swimming. Working on other aerobic exercises plus yoga promotes cardiovascular health, which is good for your health and weight loss.

Tips for losing weight through yoga

Here are some tips that you can use when you use yoga for weight loss.

  • Stay hydrated at all times. Remember that if your system is not working properly, weight loss does not happen healthily.
  • Alternate your yoga sessions to every other day, especially if you are doing hot yoga. With light yoga, you can do it every day. Never tire yourself too much in doing yoga exercises, since you are aiming for a healthy fit body, and not a haggard one.
  • Start with a modest commitment to do yoga exercises first. Test the waters before you take the full plunge. Try out simple yoga poses at first, and gradually move on to more intense exercises. It is never good to shock your body with a new routine, so take your time and get familiar with yoga first.
  • Losing weight with yoga is absolutely possible, but your yoga essentials play a huge role in your success. You need to purchase the right yoga clothing that makes you feel utterly comfortable. If you feel any discomfort with your clothes, you can ruin your yoga concentration.
  • The mat you use in your yoga classes makes a difference in your exercises. If your mat has no high traction, you can potentially slip. You need a yoga mat with superior grip so you do not have to stress about keeping your footing stability. And so you must choose your mat wisely, and only buy one that is made from premium quality materials that make the mat non-slip and safe.


Weight loss is not the primary goal for yoga exercises, but it rather a positive result of a healthy lifestyle. Take yoga seriously and look at all the positive benefits that it brings, and not solely focus on weight loss. When you engage in yoga classes, you gain a lot, and you lose weight in the process. And with yoga, your quality of life improves, and you become much happier with your life.

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