Yoga Pants vs. Yoga Leggings – What’s the difference

Difference Between Yoga Pants and Leggings

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Some of you may not be aware of the fact that you wear yoga pants to the office, school events, and even wear them casually. Even after being an athletic wear, they are used for non-athletic purposes the most. Everyone is searching for trendy ways of dressing up for the gym and yoga sessions. After all, it is the age of selfies and nobody wants to look outdated.

Keeping the fashion-conscious people in mind, the designers introduced yoga pants, leggings, and the most comfortable yet stylish footwear. The trendiest designs have made the gym wear acceptable at different places. The color, the cuts, and the versatility have made it easier for people to visit a friend after yoga class without changing.

Unfortunately, people are unaware of the difference between yoga pants and leggings. To buy the right clothing, you must know the difference first. The difference between the two is hard to define but this article has got it all covered. Keep reading to find out the differences between yoga pants and leggings.

So, What is the Difference Between Yoga Pants and Leggings?

Different Designing

All the pros of yoga say, “Not all yoga pants are leggings, but every legging is a yoga pant.”

Leggings are designed to fit your legs, pass down the knees, and reach the ankles. They are suitable for performing tricky yoga poses that require maximum stretching. On the other hand, yoga pants are a little loose to wear; therefore, they are not a convenient option for performing stretchy yoga poses.

Different Purposes

The purpose of both yoga wears is different. All yoga leggings are not made for doing yoga. You may witness some people wearing yoga leggings or skin fitted leggings with tees and sneakers at a mall. Whereas, yoga pants have no other casual use. They cannot be worn anywhere and anytime like leggings. Hence, yoga pants and yoga leggings differ in their purpose as well.

Different Functions

As said earlier, yoga pants and leggings are not the same. Their design is different and so is their purpose. Since the purpose is different, their function is also different. Leggings can be used anywhere. You can wear them to the annual high school sports gala, or wear it for a casual hangout with friends. Its slim-fit design allows different functions. On the contrary, yoga pants are a little baggy. From top to bottom, the yoga pants are not a convenient go-to option.

Different Fabric

Yoga leggings are skin tight and stretchy. The fabric used in their design has these properties. You just have to be sure about the waist size, the rest is stretchy and adjustable. Leggings are available in different fabrics like cotton, polyester, etc.

On the other hand, yoga pants are not made up of any stretchable material. They resemble other trousers as well due to their fabric and shape.

Different Users

Since the design, function, and purpose are different for yoga pants and yoga leggings, their users are different as well.

Most of the yogis prefer wearing yoga pants during their session because they are comfortable and they can perform different poses easily. Whereas, yoga leggings are usually worn by dancers as they can freely bend, jump, and perform all the difficult moves without any restriction. The fabric of leggings is stretchy.

Colors Maybe Different Too

Yoga pants were first introduced in black color only. Since the trend has changed, yoga pants can be easily distinguished through the colors and print of the pants. For example, the formerly available black pants are now available in a polka dot print. This is not the exact difference to rely on but it is not avoidable either.


Your convenience is the most important factor to consider while buying. Nobody can decide that for you but most people prefer yoga leggings over yoga pants for the sake of convenience.

Yoga leggings are tight and skin fitted. They allow easy movement of the legs in any direction. Yoga is all about poses, stretching, flexibility, and better body balance. To achieve all this, comfortable clothing is essential and leggings may be a good choice. On the other hand, bell-bottomed yoga pants may not provide the ultimate comfort you want, since it is loose, people do not prefer it for every asana or posture. Stretching would be difficult to lose clothes.

Different Lengths

This is one of the most obvious differences between yoga pants and yoga leggings. Some yoga leggings end in the middle of the calf while others drop down to the ankles. There are very limited length options in yoga leggings.

Yoga pants, on the other hand, have a wide variety of length options. Some yoga pants have full length while some have mid-calf length. Some yoga pants end up right after the knee and called Capri yoga pants.

Different Waistbands

This is a very noticeable feature. Leggings have the common thin waistband like the other nonathletic common pants. Yoga pants, however, have thick waistbands allowing folds for stronger hips and lower abdominal support.


Yoga leggings are transparent when compared to yoga pants. By transparency, it does not mean the fabric is not good enough. It means that leggings are very slim fit and give a complete idea about the structure of your body. Yoga pants, on the other hand, are a little loose. Hence, they are less transparent.

The Takeaway

Yoga is the most powerful way of enjoying a healthy life. There are no extreme restrictions on diet and you can achieve a perfectly toned body. Convenient clothing is important for doing any exercise, especially yoga. Unluckily, most people are unaware of the difference between yoga pants and yoga leggings. The major difference lies in design, purpose, function, material, users, lengths, and comfort. The rest of the differences like colors may be avoided.

It is important that you know all the differences before buying athletic wear. Otherwise, you might wear athletic clothes at a nonathletic event. Know the difference and but the best.

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